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DPP Maybank has 16 student residential blocks consisting of block 11G, 11H, 11J, 11K, 11L, 11M, 11N, 11P, 11q, 11R, 11S, 11T, 11U, 11V, 11W and 11Y. DPP Maybank has a total of 322 houses 'apartment' which occupied over 362 inmates.

Maybank DPP's design is based on the concept of 'Apartment' which has been designed is suitable for residents / students with families. It has a bedroom, a bathroom (attached-bathroom), kitchen and living room.

The original purpose of the construction of Maybank DPP is to put students both locally and internationally who are married only (who is studying at the UUM campus).

Maybank DPP is now populated by students who are studying at the undergraduate level or at the level of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) regardless of whether they are married or still single. Most of the occupants were international students.

Among the facilities provided in the DPP Maybank is the Computer Lab (block M), Prayer (block U), the Board Mini (block G), Room Leadership Committee and the Development of Students (the committee) (block M), sports courts, playgrounds children By category and a cafeteria selling food / cuisine Arab (its location is near University Inn).

Now, the administration of DPP Maybank led by a Principal, an Senior Assistant Hostel Manager, a Senior Supervisor, an Assistant Administrative and four (4) General Workers addition to two (2) Assistant Principals who help principals to it -things related student activities and personal development of students (including welfare/discipline).

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